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包装黑胡椒粒 Black Pepper Berries (Packet)

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瓶装黑胡椒粉 Black Pepper Powder (Bottle)

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Sarawak Mikrokleen steam-treated Pepper

  Malaysian Pepper Board operates a steam sterilisation plant in Kuching. Sarawak to meet the mcreasingly stringent quality requirements of end-users and pathogens, and has very low total plate counts. It is safe for consumption and is suitable for direct industrial use. The quality of MIKROKLEEN pepper is certified by Malaysian Pepper Board'S MS ISO/IEC 170252005 accredited laboratory and MS 1509001:2008 Grading and Certification Services.

Modern, Hygienic and Chemical Free Steam Treatment Process
Free of Food Pathogens Low Plate Count
Meets International Food safety Standards(CODEX)
HACCP Certified

Steam-Treatment Process

  The steam-treatment plant comprises a steam chamber, a cooling and drying chamber and semi-automatic packaging system. The steam-treated pepper undergoes the following processes
(I) Clean, dried pepper is treated with super-heated steam under pressure for less than one minute to destroy food pathogens and reduce total plate counts
Oi) The pepper is Men air-dried and rapidly cooled
(iii) The treated pepper is weighed, hygienically packed and sealed.

Characteristics of steam-treated pepper

  The treatment process ensures that the pepper retains its texture, flavour and aroma, with minimal loss of essential oils and satisfies the most stringent food safety standards of importing countries for microbial count. Stringent quality control procedures incorporating GMP GHP and HACCP principles and international aboratory analytical test methods ensure that the product conforms to prescribed specifications. Steam-treated pepper is readily accepted by consumers world-wide as the process does not involve the use of chemicals and irradiation.


  For maximum protection and ease of handling, steam-treated pepper is packed in tamper-proof 4-ply kraft paper bags with pE inner lining. Each bag weighs 25kg for white pepper and 20kg for black pepper. The inner pE lining is heat-sealed; the outer kraft bag is machine-stitched. Other kinds of packing may also be done to clients'specifications