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包装白胡椒粉 White Pepper Berries (Packet)

包装白胡椒粒 White Pepper Powder (Packet)

包装胡椒糖 Pepper Sweat (Packet)

包装黑胡椒粉 Black Pepper Powder (Packet)

包装黑胡椒粒 Black Pepper Berries (Packet)

瓶装白胡椒粉 White Pepper Powder (Bottle)

瓶装黑胡椒粉 Black Pepper Powder (Bottle)

罐装黑胡椒粒Canned Black Pepper Berries

胡椒研磨器 Acrylic Condiment Mill (Pack)

胡椒糖 Pepper Sweets (Bottle)

黑胡椒酱 Black Pepper Sauce (Bottle)




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Gula-Gula Lada
Product Name Gula-Gula Lada


Product Pepper Candy
Per Bottle 30 PCS
Made In  Malaysia
Product Of Malaysia Pepper Board
Standard  Geographical Indications Of Malaysia
Ingrediants Sucrose, Glucose, Citric Asid, Pepper Oleoresin, Sodiun Citrate, Peppermint, Permitted Colouring
Cartoon  24 Bottles
Min Order  1 Bottle
Price (RM) 6.00 (F.O.B)/Bottle
Price (USD) 1.50 (F.O.B)/Bottle


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