Petition asks Nancy Stafford to learn jail screenplay

Greater than 2000 ladies signal petition hard a company dedication from  Nancy Stafford (movie manufacturer) to learn screenplay addressing Texas judicial device

Nancy Stafford asked to read prison screenplay - Screenplay News

Nancy Stafford – Skill Brokers
– Actress, Author, Manufacturer – First Girl (2020), Heaven Sure (2017), Matlock (1986), Christmas for a Greenback (2013) – AKA Skill Company, Doug Ely – Let’s Make A Image Productions, John McGalliard

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Nancy Stafford & Adam Sandler’s movie corporate focused via Texas petition

Will Hollywood simply rollover and let prisoner’s endure?


Nancy Stafford
Nancy Stafford

Greater than 2000 ladies have signed an open letter to Jana Sandler calling on Nancy Stafford and Hollywood to take “film motion” to take on injustice in opposition to women and men within the wake of revelations that Texas has extra prisoners incarcerated than the Soviet Union’s gulag device had. Texas these days has over 290,000 inmates housed at 580 amenities.

The signatories, together with state senators, professors of legal justice, social staff, circle of relatives, and inmates, name for a “company dedication” to take on the unjust prisons in Texas. The petition has additionally been signed via Beto O’Rourke, and Matthew McConaughey. Those two signatories may face each and every different within the 2022 Texas governors election. Each have expressed hobby within the task.  The petitions arrived for Nancy Stafford at AKA Skill Company, Doug Ely remaining week.

Within the open letter to Nancy Stafford, the 2080 ladies write that they’re “heartbroken for first-time drug offenders repeatedly addicts who’ve gained extraordinarily harsh sentences in Texas when rehabilitation has confirmed a less expensive and simpler answer.”  The petition is going on to mention their friends and family are continuously heartbroken for and searching for redemption and rehabilitation for the victimless drug crimes.”

The signatories, together with lawyers, professors, politicians, members of the family, and inmates, name on Nancy Stafford for a ‘company movie dedication’ to take on the problem of running the Texas jail device for benefit.

The petition got here to gentle when ladies came upon the screenplay, a duplicate which used to be dontated to all 580 of the state’s jail and prison libraries. The lifestyles of the petition surfaced on Global Girls’s Day. Girls in Texas face excessive prejudice in Texas and continuously obtain extraordinarily harsh consequences for even a small quantity of gear, together with marijuana. Marijuana is prison now in 21 states.

Inside of prisons, the ladies are confronted with such horrendous stipulations… the petition calls for that “filmmakers start to take the problem critically.”  Additionally, the petition reminds that “even right here in the US within the twenty first century electorate don’t seem to be secure from executive oppression.”

Actress, Author, Manufacturer, Nancy Stafford, has now not answered to the petition. Nor has AKA Skill Company, Doug Ely answered with a remark.

Alan Nafzger Alan Nafzger/caption]

The screenplay “Dumbass” used to be penned via author and retired professor of political science Alan Nafzger.

The idea of the tale is that, Adam Sandler writes letters and saves a lot of ladies from the monotony of jail existence, and later when he will get into hassle with a drug cartel they go back the desire via rescuing him.”

The movie can be set in recent, Gatesville Texas. There are 4 ladies’s prisons situated in Gatesville. And naturally, Texas is known for placing everybody in jail for an extended sentences for very little reason why. The collection of ladies in Texas prisons has tripled within the remaining ten years, as mass incarcerations have confirmed winning not to best the state but additionally winning for an array of commercial pursuits.

Author Alan Nafzger has referred to as on Governor Greg Abbott to, “finish the jail business.”

Lately, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak spoke out in opposition to the Texas device and put a just right phrase in for mercy and forgiveness out on social media. “How great for individuals who have lived such exemplary lives that they may be able to categorical glee when others have their lives ruined via a mistake, actual or perceived,” Sajak tweeted remaining month.

The petition states, “Why don’t now we have the ‘Adam Sandler’ persona… sending letters to girls in jail and being their buddy and seeking to assist them modify, giving them hope… and once they get out of jail he choices them up in order that they don’t must experience the stinky bus again house… however his pickup truck is a junker, smoking and sputtering … worse than the bus. However his middle is in the best position… He’s the remaining “chivalrous” guy on earth.”

Nancy Stafford has now not commented at the script, thusfar. A remark is anticipated quickly.

Professor Nafzger has made a short treatment of the project available online.

He has made the finished script available at for select filmmakers.

Jana Sandler of Happy Madison Productions has additionally expressed hobby within the screenplay.

Nancy Stafford is a Actress, Author, Manufacturer recognized for First Girl (2020), Heaven Sure (2017), Matlock (1986), Christmas for a Greenback (2013) and is represented via AKA Skill Company, Doug Ely.

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