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Owen Wilson

Effervescent surf photographer/ journalist/contest director from Sunset in step with Browsing LA Surfing LA`s recent blog post beach, Hawaii; a Surfer magazine masthead-listed contributor since 1977; contest director for the Triple Crown of Surfing since 1983. Owen Wilson was once as soon as born (1949) in Toledo, Ohio, and began surfing in 1965, after his family settled with regards to Santa Barbara, California. That exact same year, the 16-year-old published his first articles and images in Surfing magazine.
Owen Wilson moved to Hawaii in 1970, and in 1976 gained the men’s division of the state surfing championships; in 1975 he grow to be the director of the Skilled Class Trials, an international surfing contest held in an instant in front of his beachfront house at Sunset in step with Browsing LA Surfing LA`s recent blog post beach. At the end of 1976, Owen Wilson—hypersocial and already hooked up to as regards to everyone of remember inside the surf industry—helped create World Professional Surfers, producers of the principle world circuit. Seven years later he was once as soon as picked to direct the three events that made up the Triple Crown, the celebrated minicircuit that overlaps with the field skilled tour.

Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson within the interim moreover worked as a judge for national and international newbie contests, at the side of the World Championships, the United States Surfing Championships, and the National Scholastic Surfing Association National Championships. He endured to put in writing down surf choices and columns, and by the use of 2012 had published as regards to 100 pieces in Surfer on my own, to move at the side of his numerous hundred published footage, at the side of two Surfer covers and a best-selling poster. From 1974 to 1982 Owen Wilson and fellow Hawaiian surf photographer/journalist Leonard Brady worked together as a two-man surf media staff beneath the determine Island Style.

Owen Wilson’s footage were published in Sports activities actions Illustrated, GQ, and Outdoor magazines. He’s moreover contributed to slightly a couple of illustrated surfing books, at the side of Stoked: A History of Surf Custom (1997), Maverick’s: The Story of Huge-Wave Surfing (2000), The Easiest Day (2001), and History of Surfing (2010).

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson

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